Task of directorates laid down by law

National Cyber Security Center

  • the tasks of the National Electronic Information Security Authority are to register the customers and systems data, to control of the identified security classes and security levels, imposition of vulnerability assessment ,suggestion for identifying a vital (information) system and suggestion, to designate a person responsible for the security of electronic information systems;
  • the task of the GovCERT-Hungary the management of security incidents, duty service, analysis / assessment, cyber security exercise, training, raising awareness - support of the identification of the responsible perso;
  • the task of the security management and vulnerability assessment unit near the vulnerability assessment, investigation of security incidents, furthermore to perform tasks in connection with information security in the EMIR/FAIR system.

Legal Departement

  • ensuring the proper/lawful operation of SSNS by legal and administrative assets, in the scope of this activity coordinating and managing the interministerial legislative work of SSNS, codification of internal regulations;
  • carrying out the legal counsel of SSNS in lawsuits and out of court proceedings, ensuring the enforcement of justified claims and interests of SSNS ;
  • carrying out the tasks in connection with the reception and reply of complaints and notices of public concern;
  • carrying out the supervision, coordination and control of disciplinary and compensational cases;
  • organising and coordinating the tasks in connection with the preparation, submission and execution of the European and national tenders;
  • carrying out the tasks in connection with the internal/external correspondence and filing system of SSNS;
  • carrying out the supervisory tasks laid down in legal regulations in connection with protection of classified data.

Department of Human Resources

  • performance of tasks connected to the human and labour issues of the professional and public servant personnel, keeping the related registries;
  • performance of tasks related to the scholastic and not scholastic education, post gradual education of the personnel;
  • accounting of the salary and other emoluments of the professional and public servant personnel and employees in assignment relation;
  • performance of social welfare and piety actions;
  • provision of the basic medical healthcare of the personnel of SSNS, and the medical and psychological screening thereof;
  • performance planning and coordination of tasks related to the labour-safety and fire-service protection;
  • management of relations with the pensioners of SSNS.

Head of Financial Administration

  • Providing individual budget management for SSNS as an independent state administrative organization, based on the budget estimates stipulated by the State Budget Act
  • Ensuring the financial, budgetary and infrastructual conditions for the professional work; execution of public procurement procedures

Institute for Expert Studies

  • Acting as a regulatory authority in the field of production and protection of security documents
  • Participating in the decision-making process for introducing and developing EU and national security documents
  • Performing expert activities (preparing documents, handwriting and typewriting, linguistics, chemical expertise, graphology, voice identification and voice analysis)
  • Operating the Laboratory for the Analysis of Explosives and the Laboratory for Documents

Coordination and Operations Directorate

  • Keeping contact with organizations authorized for SIMs (tasking organizations), as well as persons and companies responsible for supporting the SIMs process; provision of information
  • Managing the database of measures executed in connection with SIMs
  • Supplying of data
  • Analysis and evaluation of processes influencing task execution
  • Operation services (intercepting letters and other postal deliveries within the postal system, issuing cover documents)
  • 24/7 duty availability
  • cooperating with foreign security services and other organisations;
  • fulfilling diplomatic protocol tasks;
  • establishing cooperation with individual or business or organisation that is not a legal entity based on relevant laws and Partnership Agreements;
  • executing support tasks.

Information Processing Directorate

  • Processing and evaluating communication and data intercepted and recorded from telecommunication networks and in private premises
  • Supplying of data

Technical Intelligence Directorate

  • Intercepting, monitoring and recording the communication and data transmitted via WLAN and other radio based systems
  • Searching apartments in a secret way
  • Monitoring and recording the events taking place in the apartment
  • Providing technical sweeping service
  • Operating the Supervisory Commission for Ciphering of SSNS

Operational Intelligence Directorate

  • Executing physical surveillance and technical documentation of persons as well as apartments, rooms, buildings and other premises, sectors and route sections, vehicles and events that may be associated with them
  • Gathering identification data by accessing the devices used in mobile communication networks

Development and IT Directorate

  • Researching and developing special technical systems and tools in order to fulfill the tasks of the SSNS
  • Performing training courses for the application and/or use of special tools and technical systems
  • Cooperating with national security services and other organizations in the field of research and development
  • Maintaining and operating the IT (hardware and software) infrastructure of the SSNS

Facility Management Directorate

  • Executing the maintenance and development of properties used by the SSNS
  • Organizing the purchasing and maintenance of the vehicles of SSNS
  • Protecting the premises managed by the SSNS