Direction and supervision of the national security services

Duties of the National Security Committee

  • May conduct inquiries about complaints implying the illegal activities of the national security services.
  • If the Committee assumes that any of the national security services carries out an activity that is unlawful, or is contrary to the designated purpose of the service, may call upon the Minister to conduct an inquiry.
  • If the Committee notices the unlawful operation of any of the national security services may conduct a fact-finding inquiry.
  • If the Committee notices that the operation of the national security services is unlawful, or is contrary to their designated purpose in any manner, may call upon the Minister to take the necessary measures, and may initiate the examination of responsibilities.
  • The Committee shall give its opinion on the detailed draft budget of the national security services, the items of the budget of other organizations entitled to do covert information gathering related to such activities, and the draft of the detailed report on the execution of the Act on the Budget of the year, and shall make a proposal during the debate on the bills to Parliament to adopt the bill in question.
  • Prior to their appointment, the Committee shall hear the persons nominated to the offices of directors general, and shall take position on their suitability thereof.

Duties of the State Audit Office

  • In its scope of duties defined in law the State Audit Office has general authority for auditing public finances, with the exceptions laid down in this act.
  • The State Audit Office shall audit the operation of the chapters falling under the structural order of the central budget, the use of the Social Security Fund and separate state funds, as well as the financial management of local governments and minority self-governments.
  • The State Audit Office shall audit the entities (institutions) managing state budget resources, the use of special-purpose state property granted free of charge.
  • The State Audit Office may scrutinise procurements funded from the subsystems of public finance, as well the contracts concerning the property of the subsystems of public finance at the customer (entity in charge of property management) or at the natural person or corporate body acting on behalf or in representation of the customer (entity in charge of property management). Contracting parties responsible for the fulfilment are of the contract in question, as well as all economic organisations engaged in the fulfilment are also subject to this audit of the State Audit Office.

Duties of the Government Audit Office

  • The Government Audit Office shall audit the central budget organizations – including SSNS – (the public procurement and tendering systems), in addition it shall audit the contracts on the proper use of special purposed amounts given to organizations granted or financed from EU sources and subsystems of public finance. (The supervision of the fulfilment and lawfulness of the contracts conducted by the beneficiaries for the use of those sources, are also subject of the audit.)
  • The audit of the law enforcement agencies and national security services shall be concluded in accordance with the special character of their activities and the relevant laws. The audit can not be applied to the intelligence documents, computer systems, and activities of these organizations.

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

  • The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights pays special attention to the protection of, the rights of children, the rights of nationalities living in Hungary, the rights of the most vulnerable social groups, the values determined as ‘the interests of future generations’.
  • The Commissioner surveys and analyses the situation of fundamental rights in Hungary, and prepares statistics on those infringements of rights in Hungary which are related to fundamental rights. Therefore, the Commissioner submits his/her annual report to the Parliament, in which he/she gives information on his/her fundamental rights activities and gives recommendations and proposals for regulations or any amendments. The Parliament shall debate the report during the year of its submission.

Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

  • The Authority investigates to the grounds of infringement of data protection law by right of requests.
  • The Authority is entitled to launch an official data protection procedure if it is presumed that the illegal processing of personal data concerns a wide scope of persons; concerns special data , or significantly harms interest sor results in the risk of damages.
  • The Authority may decide to order the correction of inauthentic personal data and the blocking, deletion or destruction of illegally controlled personal data; prohibit the illegal control or processing of personal data and the transfer of the personal data to other countries;
  • Registers data processing undertaken in respect to personal data in data protection file or registry in order to facilitate access to information for the data subject.
  • The Authority proceeds when it may be presumed that national classified information has been illegally classified.
  • Provides a data protection audit as a service to chose entities that request it. This audit is designed to provide a high standard of data protection and security relating to data processing operations.
  • Protects rights to freedom of information.”