International Relations of ssns

In order to perform its duties as set forth in the law, the SSNS maintains relations with foreign security services and other organisations. The SSNS pays special attention to the respective national services of the NATO and the EU Member States, the joining and the candidate countries.
Furthermore, since the SSNS performs certain regulatory, authoritative, administrative functions and expert activities, it maintains an intensive cooperation with institutes and organisations having the same scope of duties.
Due to its wide-ranging activities, it is not uncommon that in a given country the SSNS has several counterparts.

The levels and forms of coopeartion are as follows:
  • Management level meetings,
  • Expert meetings,
  • The exchange of information related to certain professional areas,
  • The exchange of information related to the means and methods used of covert information gathering,
  • Joint technical development projects,
  • Joint trainings.


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