Mission, ambition and goal of the Special Service for National Security of Hungary

The task of the Special Service for National Security of Hungary is the promotion of effectiveness concerning the Hungarian Republic’s national defense and justice, as well as the prevention and the uncovering of criminal activities.

Through its highly qualified professional employees, continuously developed methods and tools the SSNS provides classified and covert information and data gathering service, as well as expert support to other national security sevices and law enforcement agencies (together: customers) with legal clearance.

The aim of the SSNS is to defend the fulfilment of the „rule of law” requirements with full respect to the regulating Acts, with assurance of tranparency, professionalism and legality. Its other important goal is to continuously strenghten the public confidence in the national security service and activity.

The staff of the SSNS serve the Republic of Hungary with a sense of vocation, political independence and in compliance with their oath. They satisfy customer claims impartially, guaranteeing legal and entitlement requirements, preserving secrets entrusted to them and with making the optimal use of resources at their disposal. They concentrate on the execution of current tasks with their quality work, but in the framework of tight cooperation they also contribute to the customers’ successful work by proposals based on their expertise and their experience.

The SSNS aims for continuous development by adapting scientific and independent research-developmental results, by extending the expertise of its employees and by bettering the company’s efficiency, the standard of its services and its expert activity.